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  1. Thank you for the responses. Regarding the Disney molds, they will be for personal use only and not for sale to the public. To further clarify, the molds are already banded I just don't know if they should be stored upright or stored flat.
  2. I have a question that I hope someone will be able to answer. As a newbie in the world of "ceramic molds" I came across some cartoon characters ceramic molds such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pinnochio to name a few. Although I'm not ready to learn how to use them yet, what is the best way to store them. I should mentioned that the molds I have have two pieces. I have read conflicting information that the molds should be stored upright with the pouring hold faced down to laying the ceramic mold flat (on the flat side of the mold) with the seam line (I'm assuming this is where each side of the mold meets) should be parallel and not stored this way. Thank you in advance.
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