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  1. Hi Austyn, I have not had a chance to fire up the results yet. Do you use frost porcelain??
  2. Thank you! I will definitely mix up a small batch and try them!!!
  3. I don't necessarily want a commercial glaze, just a glaze that works!! I would love that recipe please. I'm new here so if you could link it for me or quote it for me I'd much appreciate it. Thanks
  4. Thank you for your reply, I have fired to cone 6 but unfortunately didn't test to see if paint stained those surfaces. The issue I have been havingh with firing to witness cone 6 is that my underglazes blister, creating another big issue. I guessed that maybe there was overfiring of the clay body at cone six resulting in the blistering of underglazes. The staining is spotty looking not spider webs.
  5. Hi all, I am hoping someone has a recipe or a commercial glaze recommendation for transparent clear glaze for Lagunas Frost 6 Porcelain. I am seeking a glaze that will not craze on this clay body. I typically brush on my glazes but would enjoy dipping. I currently use a cone 5 white stoneware to hand build ceramic paint palettes with sgrafitto and or mishima techniques for decoration. I use Mayco stoneware clear(after trying many many other clears). I fire to cone 5+ (2210F). I am having issues with this glaze (honestly having issues with so many clears both commercial and recipes, life of a potter...). The issue I am having currently is that while the glaze appears to be consitent, glossy and unbroken my palettes are becoming stained when used with paint. This staining tells me that the glaze surface is not impermeable! Has anyone else run into this issue? I've tried touch up rough or un glossy areas with glaze and refiring but the problem of staining persists and wirsens the longer it's used. So, long story short I would like to try Porcelain to make my palettes and would LOVE LOVE LOVE some advice/help in finding a good fitting clear glaze that will be suitable for watercolor paint palettes so that won't stain. My local clay shop carries Laguna Frost Porcelain so that's what I'm going to start with. Thank you in advace. Lisa
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