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  1. I have tried a clear sealant spray and a spray wax. Both looked terrible.
  2. I am looking for a new wax for my horse hair pottery. I currently use a good carnauba paste wax, but it turns a slight off white. I would like a clear wax over the white terra sig. Any ideas?
  3. Interesting, but a little too primitive for my clients and not salt glazed.
  4. Yes, the medallion is warping when I press it down. Thank you for that thought Benzine. I hadn't actually considered that I was pressing it out of shape. (duh on me) I need to re-work my attachment process. Maybe less pressure, but still need to make sure it is secure. I have had them pop off in the bisque fire.
  5. I stamp the clay after it is cut into a round circle, but before placing on the mug. I use custom made rubber stamps that are not attached to a wooden handle so that I can leave the rubber stamp attached to the clay when attaching it to the mug and not distort the image. Is there a better tool to clean the edges after attaching? Is there a better trick to applying the wax to the medallion in a more precise way. I have pictures on my web site: jfetzerpottery.com Thanks
  6. I have been making medallion mugs for a short time now. By a medallion mug, I mean: rolling out a thin slab, using a round cookie cutter to cut out a small blank medallion, stamping an image (usually a logo) into the blank medallion, attaching it to a leather hard mug. My mugs are OK, but I need to take them to the next level since I am getting some good sized orders. My main problem is getting a nice even edge around the medallion after I attach it. Any suggestions, or better yet, instruction videos out there? I have learned basically by trial and error (mostly error). I tried to post a photo, but this blog will not accept that large of an attachment. Thanks, Jim
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