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  1. Ok, and thank you for your reply's
  2. Hey Ceramiacs I've been reading about the topic on the net, and it seems that there are very different opinions on subject. I was wondering if someone had a more scientific approach to the matter. Some say that you should open at 130F, and I think that is a little strange because that means that if you make a cup, you have to mind the temperature of you coffee, and other hot things you may consume of you pottery. If you open the kiln at 150f and hear crackling, isn't that a coincidence. I mean if the kiln are outside and it is freezing, I see how it might play a role. But it
  3. Of course it's not disireble have glaze all over the shelf's, but every one are asked to put their pot's on a plaque of clay. Runny glaze's can make some spectacular patterns.
  4. I'm a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to composing glazes, and it is a public Electric kiln i'm using. The kiln is programed to fire at 1260 c0 , and i can't change that. But it would be nice to have a White runny glaze that was easy to make. And could be used with other colored glazes, to get that nice runny effect.
  5. I'm looking for af simple recipe for a runny glaze. In fact what is some of the main engridients, that makes a glaze run at cone 8?
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