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  1. Thanks for the help.......Not being a chemist, I use glaze recipes that have been developed by others. I just started using this one and stayed with it in the absence of a replacement. It is hard to keep in suspension so I will look for one that is more user friendly. Again, I appreciate your help!!
  2. Because of the nature of sourdough, I want to be sure the clear, cone 6 glaze that I am using is safe. Following is the recipe --- Spodumene 35% SGP-1 (ball clay) - 12% Whiting - 17% Flint - 19% Ferro Frit 3134 - 17% Bentonite - 6% I hope someone can give me some insight on the safety of this glaze and a suggestion if you do not think it is safe. Thank you for your help.
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