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    Making stuff. ALL THE STUFF.
    Seriously, though - I sew, spin, tablet-weave, knit, crochet, naalbind, lucet-braid, embroider. Can do simple leather work like belts and ghillie shoes, can make jewelry and simple tools, can build things when I need to. I bake bread, make butter, and have a vegetable garden. I go to historical festivals, displays, and museums, and have fun at Battle Game events, Ren Faires, and Faerie Festivals. I want to keep bees, build my own Tiny House, keep livestock, and eventually have my own land to subsistence-farm and live as simply but enjoyably as I can - Tasha Tudor is my role-model.

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  1. *grumble* let my plates get too dry before trimming. Dangit!

    1. Chilly
    2. Rebekah Krieger

      Rebekah Krieger

      Chris told me to dampen a paper towel and wrap them in plastic. It works like a charm


    3. Stellaria


      I used damp paper towels overnight, and it did help. They were still flaky and weird, though! But I didn't seriously ruin any, so I'm happy. 5 dinner plates and a slightly wonky pie dish to be bisqued this weekend :)

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