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  1. Thanks Mark C, that does help and it is appreciated. Although GEEZER, I didn't use the word ""professional" but thanks anyway. Also I did not say it wasn't " basic enough " but you are the man John so end of story it is . Regards
  2. Cheers Pres . Much more helpful and without the condescending, arrogant "tone" . I will give it a whirl . Much appreciated
  3. Charming ! Maybe I should of said quick fixes that don't require a lot of money spent on extra equipment and even more time spent on learning how to use them . Again tho thanks for your time
  4. Thanks John. You clearly know your stuff, although I think I should of high lighted the words " basic tips " . Cheers for responding tho doodle
  5. Its a basic but decent camera , I have lights and background material . I have recently posted a few pics in the gallery but sculptures take differently to vases . I will post a couple of pics . Thanks
  6. Hello. I have spent 3 half days taking photos and the remainder of those days concluding that my photos are weak. Any basic tips on backgrounds would be welcome . Thanks
  7. Kevinharr

    rabbits and hares

    Porcelain and or black earthstone
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