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  1. Hello All, Thanks for all your very useful and wise comments, I have made copious notes and look forward to trying out your suggestions. Happy New Year to you All.
  2. Thank you Marcia - I must say you are a very helpful lot !
  3. Hi Min, Thank you for your swift & knowledgable reply - I an fairly new to clay so am having to learn at a fast rate ! Your answer made sense, No, I did not wipe tiles before glazing so that could be worth a try. I also used a Botz white shiny glaze as a base as I'm a little nervous of mixing the Tin Glaze powder and you don't seem to be able to buy it ready mixed. Burnishing at the leatherhard stage makes sense too, I used a 20 percent grogged terracotta. I used Amaco underglazes & stains on top of base coat - alas I only applied 1 coat so they came out a tad
  4. Hello, I have been making terracotta tiles & glazing them in the Majolica style. The tiles were bisque fired to 950 and the 3 coats of white glaze applied to tiles with decoration painted on the surface. The white glaze was a white glossy glaze not a Tin Glaze. Pin holing was apparent on surface of glaze before firing and remained after firing to 1080. Anybody got any advice please ?
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