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    I really like slip casting technique. I think anything can be made by molding.

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  1. Long time not see you guys in this forum. Why you should lower the glaze cone 5? If you want the melting point for cone 021, you can just use low glazes. May be for lowering that point is too extreme. More effected just 5-8 cones lower such as cone 5 to cone 03. Sorry guys, I need input too if my comment was not correct..
  2. Every kiln has uniqueness, you can't generalize it or any method about the kiln such as firing method, increasing temperature, etc. Even in same size of the kiln, potentially different for each other. Usually the kind of clay determines thermal shock strength. Clay consists a lot of free quartz you must be patient for opening the kiln, but for earthenware you no need worry to much. Also the pot in slip casting technique is more stronger then other technique such as throwing or slabbing in thermal shock phenomena. I usually open the kiln in step by step. First I open the spy hole. Than if fe
  3. That's very clear. I really appreciate it. I really will try 'sig...
  4. Hi.. thank for your responds. I really appreciate it, especially your recipe. First i knew terra sigillata as practical from british ceramic artist who have came to bandung couple years ago. I ignored it at that time..because i think making terra sigillata was complicated process. Now, after given some advices in this forum, i will try it..
  5. Hi guys that was very clear answers. Previously, i doubted for making terra sigillata, because i've mentioned before. Now i will try my terra sigillata. Best regards from Indonesian potter...
  6. Hi all, I just wonder, what are the different between terra sigillata and engobe in context of the result. Because i think, both if burnished, the result is the same. So, we don't have to do long process in making terra sigillata. Better making engobe that more simple. Sorry guys, correct me if i was wrong... Any responses i will accept and really appreciate...
  7. correct me if i was wrong. i think crackle is terminology in glazes not slip. crackle or crazing may be define as glazes who tendency to craze is used for decorative effect.
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