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    My interests include but are not limited to: painting, sculpture, jewelry design, decorative object design. You can find in my work direct and indirect references to history, myth, cultural trends, and gender. I am also attracted to things tribal, things adorned and the ceremonial.

    I'm an explorer of textures and discovering new materials to work with. I enjoy interesting, unusual, and or unexpected treatments to objects as well as creating new forms.

    I get excited with the experimental and when accidents happen in the studio. It's freeing and offers an opportunity to consider options not originally thought of.

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  1. Has anybody worked with slate clay?

    1. Min


      Hi nu2CAD, I would post your question in the Studio Operations and Making Work section of the forum, likely to get replies there rather than in the Status Update area here. Welcome to the forumĀ :)

  2. I love the look of unglazed fired slip ceramics, warm white in color and matte. I'd like to protect the surface from dirt and stains. Could I use a flat urethane as a sealant?
  3. My pieces are simply bisque fired slip. Cone 06. Not glazed. Would you recommend sealing them prior to a treatment or finish? I think the Hammerite seals anyway ... all the pieces I've finished in this way were kiln-fired clay - one was a commissioned statue which I just undercoated and applied two coats of Hammerite when the sculpture was in situ. It's been outside open to the elements for over two years now and still looks fine.... and we had the worst winter ever last year! =)
  4. My pieces are simply bisque fired slip. Cone 06. Not glazed. Would you recommend sealing them prior to a treatment or finish?
  5. Thanks to all who have responded. I appreciate the info - helps a lot!
  6. Thanks to both responses about auto paint. An interesting option. Is a 'cold finish' the same as a non-fired glaze, aka acrylic based stains/paints? My understanding is that any coating gets applied to clay work that has been fired first - correct?
  7. Thanks for the quick responses! I'll look into them all.
  8. Are there alternative coatings other than glazes, (under and over) for fired pieces? I have been told one can use acrylic washes/paint and then apply a protective sealer. Is there a book that discusses various coating materials for ceramics and or adding other materials to fired non glazed work? Any advice or leads would be appreciated.
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