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    My interests include but are not limited to: painting, sculpture, jewelry design, decorative object design. You can find in my work direct and indirect references to history, myth, cultural trends, and gender. I am also attracted to things tribal, things adorned and the ceremonial.

    I'm an explorer of textures and discovering new materials to work with. I enjoy interesting, unusual, and or unexpected treatments to objects as well as creating new forms.

    I get excited with the experimental and when accidents happen in the studio. It's freeing and offers an opportunity to consider options not originally thought of.

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  1. Has anybody worked with slate clay?

    1. Min


      Hi nu2CAD, I would post your question in the Studio Operations and Making Work section of the forum, likely to get replies there rather than in the Status Update area here. Welcome to the forumĀ :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll take some photos that will better show what I am trying to do, or explain....'a pictures worth a thousand words'
  3. I fired a small bust sculpted with Laguna dark brown clay. A piece broke off and I used Amaco Bisque Fix and applied what I was told was sufficient amount. The bust was re-fired but the piece that was glued broke off again. I will use an epoxy to repair but I have 3 questions: 1.should I remove the bisque fix prior to using epoxy? 2. what would I use to remove the Fix? 3. what epoxy would be best to use? Appreciate any/all feedback-thanks!
  4. I've seen an ultra suede dry matte glaze used on earthenware. Is it a custome recipe? Done in colors too. Is it possible to get the same effect using other clays? See attached image. Thanks in advance for any information on the topic. MJ
  5. I was wondering if there were recommendations for matte glazes? The pieces I want to glaze have been bisque fired at cone 06. Any pointers to a good brand is appreciated.
  6. The paper clay will adhere to bisque fired slip? Nice! Thanks.
  7. I love the look of unglazed fired slip ceramics, warm white in color and matte. I'd like to protect the surface from dirt and stains. Could I use a flat urethane as a sealant?
  8. I have roughly 3-4 gallons of slip clay sealed in a 5 gal bucket. How long can slip clay be stored before it goes bad/rots etc? Would stirring it occasionally help?
  9. Thanks to all those who have responded to my questions! I have made quite a lot of my pots/vessels knowing I will sacrifice a few to experimentation. It will be a good to test a pot or 2 =)
  10. Very interesting - thanks. Is there a specific vitreous slip product/brand or can I apply the slip used for casting?
  11. I made slip cast pots. After firing I realized there are sections I want to add texture to. Could have added w/slip or glazes prior to firing but didn't. I know there are cold glazes that can create rock/crackle textures but not quite what I want. I'm looking to see if I can sculpt onto the pots with a like material.
  12. Thanks! I was curious about adding some clay texture layer, in small quantity to an already fired, non glazed piece.
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