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  1. No, we have a 8'x6'x6' gas kiln outdoors that we are firing this and about 300 other pieces that me and a few friends made in. Today, i trimmed the bottom third to where it is more of a bottle shape and it flows much better, according to my instructor and a few of my fellow classmates. It was supposed to be a 4 piece but the piece that was supposed to go under the bowl shape unfortunately broke and i did not have enough time to make another due to me graduating in 10 days. The neck was going to be bottled in then out then in then the top piece would've been added. I really wish i had the time, then I would've been able to make it a lot better. I am not good at painting, let alone painting with glaze, so that's why i wanted to do the colors dripping on white. Sort of a reflection on a dripping wax mural i did last year. And sadly, this piece is now leather hard because someone unwrapped my piece and didn't wrap it back up. It sat for 12 hours while a 1900 degree kiln was firing 15 feet from it. So now I am limited to trimming. :\ Remember what Forrest Gump said: . . . . It happens. At least you got the experience, and it was more of a success than a failure. At the same time it certainly displays your skills with the clay at this point. I'm sure we will see much more from you in the future. Happy graduation! Where to next year? I am off to Wichita State University to study Fine Arts focusing on Ceramics. Nothing too special. And yeah, thank god I have the experience. I'm the only one who is really decent at throwing, even the only one who really throws, at my school. There are 5 people in my ceramics class and we have a lot of 1 on 1 time. But nearly everything I have done is self taught. I'll post a few more of my artworks after my final critique tomorrow.
  2. Bonnie-S 20 February 2012 - 11:00 PM Have you tried paper clay? It is easy to make your own, or you can purchase it ready made. There is a DVD available for rent from SmartFlix or something like that. I have forgotten the name of the website. Or you can do a search for Paper Clay Videos in the Internet. It would be worth your while. The clay is fantastic for sculpture.
  3. I would like to add that after I purchased an extruding pug mill, I started throwing without having to center a ball of clay. I find that throwing with coils and slabs so much easier on the wrists, shoulders and back, no strength is needed, just a steadiness as one would generally use after opening the clay. I no longer have to knead my clay either as I put the clay through the pug mill about three times as well as making it softer, likened to squeezing a baby's bottom, which makes it easy to move. I add my clay slop to the boxed clay to make my clay softer. What a thrill it is to create new shapes from this method. No longer am I tied to just round forms.
  4. I have added a large mirror placed in front of my wheel so that I do no bending. I can see the whole form as I am throwing, no bending sideways either. Placement of stool to be at the same height as the wheel head is also helpful so that you are bent over the clay and lifting from above.
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