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  1. appreciate the help from all bciskepottery thank you for the choi sung-jae note. looked among my books and found the mentioned article. that article was the inspiration i had seen in the past, but could not remember its origin. glad i asked the question though, as i learned a lot. cp - by the pond where my dog came in drier than before, but still wagging her tail.
  2. Not sure what you want, but you may wish to try out Google Hangout. it may suffice for what you need. cp
  3. cannot believe got replies so quickly,,,, and thank you all. the video you mentioned is not exactly what i was looting for,,,,,, but i will use it on my next glaze fire,,,,,, and thank you for that. sorry my question was ill formatted,,,,,,,,,,may i try again this is a pot by Phil Rogers, english potter, known for his ash glazes, found on google, showing one form of "marking" or "drawing" through the slip, to make a pattern. i believe it is done while wet, and perhaps done on a wetter clay body, causing less absorption, though done quickly for that reason. This is similar to a light green glazed plate i believe also by phil rogers in his great book on ash glazes. guess i am looking for a semi transparent glaze base, or anything of the like, or if anyone here has techniques they have done in the past. have not seen this on the net myself. just found this forum again, thank you for the help, it is appreciated. cp - by the pond where it is cold enough to freeze the lettuce in my garden ( had to cover it with sheets in the middle of the night...........geeez)
  4. i am interested in a glaze that will allow me to draw through it while wet to show the glaze or clay body beneath, and display the form outlined by the "drawn through" glaze. thank you cp dunbar will work on my spelling Tom, although i may have been more interested in the content of the post at the time. Alas this is a fault of mine. again, my apologies to all.
  5. I have been looking for a darkgreen breaking to black glaze, known as Verdigris It is the color of copper that has oxidized, and gives an old copper appearance. I have searched online, and Pixie 1035 listed one glaze , unfortunately w/o amounts. appreciate help. cp
  6. Looking for a recipe. the color is about the same as copper that has oxidized. The result is a variegated color that varies from a turquoise to almost black spots.
  7. I have searched through books and online as well for a glaze for the classic look of aged copper , which turns out a green and black , sorta mottled appearing. Would love a cone 6 ish recipe or direction / help re: same . Thanx lots cp - by the pond, which is higher now that we finally got some rain.
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