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  1. I got a little item called a Square Card Reader. It plugs into an Ipad or other portable pad. It allows me to accept credit cards with the utmost simplicity. Sales doubled at my open studio because of this.
  2. Yes Mark, I appreciated your thoughts. And did take them under consideration. Thank you. My gut told me it was the wrong thing to do right after I'd done it. Perhaps that's why it took me 8 days to set it up. This supplier was unwilling to meet the price on the VL-Lite. He said "that's a good price and I can't match it". He was willing to do a deal on a demo Skutt, but not anywhere near the price I could get from Clay-King on the VL-Lite. And now, with my experience and his demo wheels, I'll not be going that route again. I would hate to burn this bridge, so I'm really hoping the owner and I can work things out. But there is another supplier in town that is nearer to me. Look, it is the owner who needs to be concerned about burning bridges, not you. Your only concern is to get what you need at the price you can afford. I imagine that Mr. Owner is playing on your gullibility. Go elsewhere if need be. Anywhere you spend your money will support someones business. Local shmocal, if they are willing to rip you off.
  3. Thanks for clarifying this. I had always left the vent on until 500 degrees for fear of melting it. Now I will turn it off sooner.
  4. Hi Kelly, I was thinking that if you need a table that you can not only work on, but also do your wedging on, you would probably do well to use legs a little heavier than 2x4s. I used 8x8s scraps that were under my friends deck (they were used for the legs of the deck several years prior). I put on a nice thick plywood top. It is a small table, but it doesn't budge! 6x6's would do too. The folding table is a great accessory for working and toting to craft shows, but you will not be able to wedge on it.
  5. I would put a colorful and evocative piece of art on the desk of every dreary office in the world to remind the people who work there of the soul and energy of the human spirit.
  6. This time frame may not work for you, but new wheels seem to go on sale before the next new models are released. I bought 2 Shimpos like that 10 years ago. They are quiet and work great. Also don't forget ebay. I got a 1 yr old kiln on ebay for half price! Was a steal. Wheels go quick so have to be dedicated to get one.
  7. It is an exciting inspiration with so much emotional, historical and physical energy. I wish you well with this.
  8. I hope your firing came out good! I've been doing this awhile (30 yrs), and my 2 cents is that I only take orders on the types of pots that I am currently interested in making. Also, I give the amount of time I would need to fill my kiln, plus 2 weeks. If I have one spot left in the kiln before it is full, I will give 2 weeks. If I just fired and have to fill the kiln, I will give 3 months. I have a family, and they have the ability to waylay the best of my intentions, so that is why I work this way. All the best to you!
  9. Been making pots for 30 years this year (2011)!

  10. Yes, pottery wheels do go on sale. Usually, when a manufacturer is releasing a new model the older model goes on sale, just like cars. I have noticed that this usually happens in the summer. Hope this helps.
  11. To MM, I injured my rotator cuff (upper back) doing that same motion as you. Couldn't even unload kiln after. Tried my wonderful chiropractor, an accupuncturist, gentle yoga, ice, warm epson salt baths. None helped, at all. Finally went to a talented physical therapist and he helped me immensely, and best of all, gave me the correct exercises that have kept me unhurt for the past 5 years! Eliptical trainer will keep your cardio system healthy, but you will need more as you age to keep the muscles strong. Also, taking fish oil and glucosemine everyday will help. All the best!
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