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  1. Clay is leather hard, so I will sign as soon as wax sets. Thank you
  2. @neilestrick, I am having trouble with my wax when I attempt to sign like that. The wax chips when I write my name, and signature is a mess. Perhaps because my wax is old. Or maybe I need to use the melting kind rather than the jarred liquid wax?
  3. The manual should be updated for the Genesis. For such expensive and sensitive equipment it seem just negligent of L&L not to have an update.
  4. Old Lady, thanks for the suggestion. I will call Jim Bailey on Monday. Mark C, I will check out the PPugger Dies, Thanks Neil, yes, I did look at some, but at this point, I'd rather use what I have. Also, thanks all for the heads up about the pressure issue, and it is an issue according the Shimpo tech person, Their dies are almost all open. I am thinking that since I would be screwing the die into the exit, I could put a small nut under the screws so clay could spew out the sides of the die. And maybe making the circle an oval will also leave room to drill holes around it for pressure release. What do you think? I will let you know what comes back from Shimpo Japan.
  5. The augers stops well behind the exit opening. So with the u bolts, I wouldn't need a bridge. Is that correct? Thanks Min.
  6. Thanks Min for that insight. I called Shimpo and asked if I could get a blank die with just the screw holes drilled. They will call Japan and get back to me. She was concerned that the pressure might ruin the machine. I had looked at the die they sell and the whole plate is coverd with shapes. I asked her if the clay didn't heal back after going thru their die. She said it did stick together but was possible to peel apart. . . Thanks Hitchmss, love what you made, but I only do woodworking on the side, no tools or experience in metal. Thanks for the pics. I understand better what I am dealing with. I'm not sure why you have the 3 bars behind the hole. Will those make it a hollow form? As you can see, I really have no experience with extrusion. Thanks Mark.
  7. Thanks for your take Neil. I have not talked to Shimpo. I will do that. The tube would be 2.5" and prob 3/8th wall. I'm figuring it to be as big as I can to reduce the pressure. The opening of the pugmill is 3 6/8" width.
  8. Please search this title, Large Flat Pieces Cracking During Glaze Firing, there are many answers there that may help.
  9. I am considering paying North Star Equipment a lot of money to make a custom extrusion plate for my Shimpo NRA-04 pug mill. Prob well over $100+. What I need is a die to make a simple hollow form so I can easily extrude 100+ tubes for glaze testing. I want a tubular form so I can see the difference between the glaze on the inside of a form and the outside of a form. (In case you were wondering.) They offer plastic and metal. It would have the three screw holes as you can see in the picture below with sinkholes for the screws. Looking online, I see that Shimpo has a couple of dies they offer, but none of them fit my needs. Has anyone done this? Has anyone worked with this company? Do you think that sounds too pricey? I’m adding a few pictures of my pug mill. (Also wanted to show off my modification of the lever handle which I I turned to the side so I could pull it easier.) Thank you!
  10. Yes, I just now see the pin. I didn't previously as that side of kiln is towards the wall. So now I know. The kiln is 18" from wall in the corner of the room. I didn't like opening it beyond verticle because it doesn't seem to be weight assisted as it goes back, and would bang into the wall upsetting the alignment. But now that I know that it is supposed to go back, I can ease it back to it's intended stop point. At that point, there is no way it would fall forward, but I will use the pin. It is just extra effort to get it to that point and to close it till it gets to the weight assist point. Thank you for the help Neil
  11. I have a 10 cu ft L&L Kiln. It has a spring supported top for easy opening. The problem is, it has no catch to hold it securely opened. I have to use a lot of energy to make sure it doesn't fall closed, or fall backward. I seriously miss the door rest that was on my former Skutt. Am I missing something? What can I do to secure it? Thanks, Karen
  12. It was fascinating to see a video of a potter who worked with porcelain wearing all white. Made sense. I like yoga pants and low cut tee shirt. Feeling sexy helps me be creative.
  13. Ah..... but beware the Dark Side. WOOD firing! MMmmmmuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Electric leads to gas. And gas leads to soda and salt. And salt and soda lead to wood. Take over your life, it will. best, .........................john Yes, John, I have already heard the siren call of Salt! But one step at a time for me! Marc your positive mindset is very much in line with mine, Thank you. Karen
  14. Oh Marcia! How generous! I would do cone 6 reduction. I will be in touch. Thank you so much. Karen
  15. Thank you John, Neil, Mags, 1515, Oldlady, and Marc, from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful answers! I will consider the information, read the material and talk to the people you have suggested. Mostly I will slow down and make sure I do it right.
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