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  1. If you decide to use egyption paste ( self glazing clay) be accurate in mixing up and firing. Pots can melt totally!! Realy neat but not what the student expected. It is really neat for small items > jewelry.
  2. is that the right place? there's going to be more -there's a lot of clay baby boomers.

  3. your experiments look great! remember that some glazes and stains react to red clay body, looks like it's more stable w/ the gray stoneware. happy holidays.
  4. is the epoxy toxic after it sets ? or just in application?just curiouse. if its only in application you should take appropriate procausions and go for it. would a wax produck work? there are a lot of waxs that are very durable like scupture wax. seems like cement is not going to like sporatic heating. good luck!
  5. If you go for a satin glaze and just want a surface - thin the stuff down a lot so that it just gives a white veil to the stains -
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