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  1. It's easy when you design the piece you are making to complement the patterning you are using. I do cheat a little because I design my own line of texture mats geared towards ceramic applications! You can find them on my Etsy site - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BHClaysmith?section_id=13035613&ref=shopsection_leftnav_7
  2. Sodium Hexametaphosphate is the original "Calgon" formula plus perfume which was made in the US awhile back. It was reformulated due to the adverse effect the chemical had on the the microscopic flora in streams and rivers but can still be purchased from certain chemical supply houses. I believe it is used by people involved with pool cleaning.
  3. Here are the recipes for two really nice ocher terra sigillata mixes. Since Albany Slip is no longer available, you can make the Weiser Ocher one instead which is just as nice! ALBANY SIG 50 grams Albany slip 50 grams KYOM4 400 grams water 10 grams Sodium Hexametaphosphate OCHRE SIG by Weiser 1663 grams Cedar Heights Gold Art 66 grams Yellow Ochre Add to a mixture of: 8 grams soda ash 16 grams Sodium Hexametaphosphate 1 gallon water
  4. BHClaysmith


    A collection of hand built ceramic clay to wear and share.
  5. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand formed pillow rattle with found wood handle. Ceremonial RATTLES have been used for centuries to celebrate beginnings. They were the gift of choice among Victorians wishing to commemorate the birth of a child but as far back as the humble Egyptians, rattles were utilized to memorialize each new chapter in the life of the individual. Many cultures believe in Healing RATTLES and their capacity to dispel illness & disease. These Rattles are credited with being able to awaken the human spirit, drive out negative energies and center personal focus. My versions of these Rattles are hand formed and adorned with symbols of wellness; they are shaped to be grasped. During times of despair, medical treatments or loneliness, the Rattle should be gently shaken to the beat of one’s heart. RATTLES do help us to ground; their sound is powerful & magical, producing an incomparable energy all their own. The gourd Rattles made by the American Indian were filled with plants they raised & considered sacred - corn, tobacco, and rice. My fired clay Rattles are filled with dried bits of clay which I revere as the complete gestalt of life. These fired bits provide the sound of the earth as my Rattles are shaken or handled. All of my Rattles are “birthed†in the same way. Once the basic shape is formed, I tenderly blow my own CHI (breath of life) inside, sealing the opening quickly closed with pursed lips. These Rattles are then finished with terra sigillata or glaze & fired. Some are further adorned with a leathercord or wood handle, semi-precious stones, clay, bone, copper or shell beads - details which complement the importance of the Rattle.

    © BHClaysmith

  6. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand build watering vessel from my Clay for the Garden class.

    © BHClaysmith

  7. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A pair of hand built pitcher prototypes which were shared with my classes at the Cheltenham Arts Center and the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.

    © BHClaysmith

  8. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A pair of hand built CUTEsies (about 4" tall) glazes in 2 layered glazes - a dark green from John Hesselberth which was lifted then glazed over with Oribe from the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA. Both CUTEsies were impressed with patterns from my line of Intaglio impressing mats for clay available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BHClaysmith

    © BHClaysmith

  9. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A simple 8" square drop trap made from engobe combed clay 'fabric' and dropped in a tray mold made by DropBach - https://www.facebook.com/dropbach/?fref=ts

    © BHClaysmith

  10. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand built sofa tray impressed with my Intaglio mat, Greek Keo, and glazed with Opulence Meadow.

    © BHClaysmith

  11. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand formed copper and clay necklace to celebrate the jewelry of Alexander Calder.

    © BHClaysmith

  12. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A reversible stoneware clay pendant made from my Paisleaf Intaglio impressing mat and adorned with seed beads and handmade ceramic clay beads. The pendant hangs from a copper and clay hand formed chain.

    © BHClaysmith

  13. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand built three sided pot impressed with my hand carved stamping blocks and glazed with Jade, a studio glaze at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA. After being fired, the pot was adorned with deer skin leather and handmade ceramic beads.

    © BHClaysmith

  14. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A press molded tray made using my Intaglio impressing mat called You Bug Me! and a press mold designed to embrace the pattern created by this stamp. Finished in Y Green a studio glaze at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.

    © BHClaysmith

  15. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    A hand built stoneware box impressed with my InCOGneatoh Intaglio rubber stamp mat and finished with ocher terra sigillata.

    © BHClaysmith

  16. From the album: CLAY TO SHARE

    Crescent rattle hand formed and adorned with handmade ceramic clay beads and a found wood handle.

    © BHClaysmith

  17. Black Walnut and Laguna 40 stoneware clays combine to form this 16" high hand built bottle. It is glazed with Falls Creek Shino and electric fired to cone 6.

    © BHClaysmith

  18. If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area, you can buy the NAUGAHYDE at Summerdale Mills on Frankford Avenue 215-335-9494.
  19. Hi Jolee, I use a tightly-wooven, cotton-backed NAUGAHYDE (54" wide) available from a high end upholstery or home fabric shop. The side used by most folks is the vinyl side (for covering cushions on boats or exterior furniture) but because this is vinyl on the one side, when you use the wooven-backed side face up on your tables, you can hand build on them or wipe them down and the wetness does not go through the cloth and penetrate the underlying table top. Just be sure to buy the brand which is cotton and not nylon backed. I even cut this NAUGAHYDE into 24" x 27" work mats which I can take with me to different places when I teach or give a workshop. These work mats can be hosed off outside and hung over my deck railing to dry or in the winter, washed in my washer and dried in my dryer for continuous use. Personally, I use a Printer's mat on my studio table for hand building because the surface is so tightly woven, I get little if any texture on my clay surface. However, these are next to impossible to find and can be quite expensive. BHClaysmith@gmail.com
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