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    I like them both, but would probably pick the raku slug. Love their expressions! That's what makes them!
  2. Thanks Tom! I'm just getting back into my studio.....gardening and fishing took up a lot of my time this spring. I am currently working on weathered-look concrete-framed wine cellar tiles (one posted in my gallery).

  3. Although I have not personally used glass, I have a friend who does. I'm pretty sure she uses recycled glass that she crushes herself. After she throws her bowl, plate, or whatever dish she is going to use the glass in, she carves the design into the piece (she only does this on flat surfaces) creating a trough for the glass. Then it's bisque-fired. She then uses latex in the design and dips the piece in the glaze. She removes the latex, then fills in the depression with ground glass and fires to ^6. It always has the 'crackle' effect, but is nice on decorative pieces.
  4. I use the AMACO velvet underglazes and have never had a problem with them flaking off the piece. I've used them on all stages of raw clay and on bisqued pieces (depends on the end result I want to achieve). As a note, the youth coordinator at the school where I use to work would let the children paint underglazes on their 'just created' pieces, then after they dried, she would apply a clear glaze and fire. They turned out great.
  5. The best thing I've found is O'Keeffe's Working Hands. In addition to pottery, I bass fish so my hands are wet a lot. My fiance's hands were even worse......cracking, splitting, very painful. I bought a tub of Working Hands and begin to see a difference very quickly (the tube doesn't work as well). He doesn't have a problem with cracking or splitting hands anymore. Now we have tubs in the car, the boat, the studio, by the bed, by the recliner......you get the picture. Also works wonders on feet . I usually buy it at Harbor Freight using their 10% off coupon, but it's also sold at Lowes Home Improvement, Tractor Supply, Bed Bath & Beyond (plus a lot of other places I'm sure), and, of course, on-line. http://okeeffescompany.com/index.php?page=working-hands
  6. Just a thought, but what about purchasing a belt buckle similar to the one attached (it's $5 online), taking off the bucking bronco and making a sprig mold from it? This one looks to be thick enough to make a good sprig mold. Or finding a bucking bronco piece of jewelry online to make a sprig mold from. You said you wanted it to help decorate some larger items so I'm assuming you want to attach something like a sprig to your pieces.
  7. @Marsha....I noticed you had a lot of "</div><div><br></div><div>" in your post above. I use a Mac and haven't gotten the oops message so maybe it's not related to your new computer.
  8. I've wondered why we can't open an electric kiln and take things out at up to 425 since we take pottery out of an oven at this temp sometimes, but I haven't risked it and usually wait until the temp is around 120.
  9. The art school I teach at has a "shelf of shame".....any pots that are glazed too heavily or the bottoms are not free of glaze go on the shelf and are not fired until they are cleaned up. Those pots not only ruin expensive shelves, but can run onto another students work and ruin it. It doesn't take but a time or two of their pots ending up on the shame shelf that they learn to glaze correctly.
  10. I tried the glue.....and learned the hard way that was not a good idea. So now I use paperclay to repair cracks and reattach handles, etc. I mix up about a quart of paperclay and keep it in an airtight container. I haven't had a problem with mold and have used from the same container for over a year. I put slip I have made using Magic Water in a blender, add shredded insulation purchased at a hardware store, and blend well. It's nice to have it already mixed when I need to make a repair.
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