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  1. Many thanks Ayjay, but this is the one I have been trying. I am in UK and substituted Cedar Heights Redart for Red Clay, but other than that I followed the recipe. Thanks anyway.
  2. pitstop

    FdA CCP Final Exhibition

    Some of the work for my Foundation degree
  3. I have been trying to develop a gold with manganese and copper, however, I end up with brown. Can anybody help with a recipe?
  4. Many thanks for your suggestion. Funnily enough after adding this post, I did try the method that you have suggested. I have not as yet, fired the piece to knkow the result. But thank you anyway for confirming my idea. Pitstop.
  5. Hi, I need to put the letter 'N' in the base of a small bowl that is to be glazed with a dark blue (cobalt) glaze onto an earthenware base. I have tried wax resist, which turned out to be the best option, but I am worried that the unglazed 'N' will not be food safe. I use a white earthenware body and need the 'N' to be white. Any ideas??? I have also tried slip application, but this cracks on drying, also not sure if the slip will be water tight. I did mix it with glaze in the hope that this will help to seal it?
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