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  1. From the album: Little Mice

    A fork was the only thing I could find for perspective when I went to my studio to take these pictures. [i use forks to stir my pint sized commercial glazes]. The mice are colored with red iron oxide after they're bisque and put back into the cone 6 glaze kiln to finish. You can see the one on the right has a hole in it that I probably made with the 'other' end of a needle tool. They're so little, I doubt it matters whether they're hollow or not. If you just roll out a pear shaped lump and bend the pointy end to whatever angle you like, you can go from there to embellish them as much or as little as you want. They require only a few minutes to make while you're taking a break. I've made turtles and ducks, but they take a little longer. For the poster who wants something to give away with purchases, they might need some kind of mesh bag or something so they don't get lost in the packing paper or bag. A little bag with a drawstring and a tag, "Mouse in a Bag" might make them remember to keep up with them. Give them a name or make up a species or make a story. If you make them bigger than these, maybe your signature stamp or initials or pottery logo could be impressed into the bottom. Loads of fodder for the imagination! If you have any similar ideas to share, please let me know!
  2. Marian65

    Little Mice

    My 'Scrappies.' Little mice relevant to a Forum topic on 23 April 2014.
  3. Marian65

    Clay mice

    From the album: Little Mice

    These little guys are about an inch long. Some have attached eyes, while others have indentions for eyes. The darker colored one here has no tail. it was broken off before the bisque, but too much bother to add another one. The one with the tiny ears looks more like a squirrel, but doesn't matter. Some of my mice have attached feet, but it's best to just make suggestions of feet. That can be done with ears and everything, as long as it looks like whatever you're trying to portray.
  4. From the album: Marian65's Album 1

    Cone 6 brown clay
  5. Marian65

    Marian65's Album 1

    Some of my favorite work
  6. From the album: Marian65's Album 1

    Beginning study of sacred geometry in clay. Aarkvark's Cassius Basaltic clay fires to this wonderful natural black. Unglazed.
  7. From the album: Marian65's Album 1

    One time only use of natural leaf for impression on brown cone 6 clay. Oxided impression with clear glaze over and colored glazes around edges.
  8. From the album: Marian65's Album 1

    Hexagonal vase, buff cone 6 clay with embellishments. Oxided vines, glazed leaves, clear glaze inside.
  9. From the album: Marian65's Album 1

    Brown cone 6 stoneware clay, glazed inside, iron oxide outside.
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