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    Ooo great idea!!
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    Community challenge #3
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    Community challenge 1

    Evening snow
  4. at the pottery studio where I belonged to a guild I overheard a fellow potter tell another potter that 'handbuilding' isn't REAL pottery like something made on the wheel. :/
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    Evening snow

    From the album: Community challenge 1

    A snowy winter's evening....
  6. I use wax resist as well, but didn't realize I could thin it down. Do I use water?
  7. One teacher I had made us draw the teapot we wanted to make before we started throwing. I'm just a hobby potter(er?)so this was new to me...I knew people did it , I never had. Great experience and now I carry a book with me when I go to the studio. Aha moment!
  8. I like the suggestions of cup and bowl....I love looking thru the books '500 cups" and "500 bowls". Etc..I find them very inspiring
  9. I started cutting my pots in half to see how I'm progressing....that was so hard to do. Every workshop teacher suggested doing this, but did I listen, ummmm nope. Do I now? Yes,,,am I improving, yup!
  10. I'm in Barrie so I'll keep an eye on Tony Clennells website,,,,,, I'm guessing your using Plainsman's clay Mark? I heard Red Deer had a nice guild there I may check into that, thanks Did someone mention snow,,,,,,jeez not as much as Buffalo but man did we get hit yesterday .. BTW , I heard a rumour Neil Young is moving to Fort McMurray........ Thanks for the info guys.
  11. I know Chris Campbell came to my area last summer,,,would have loved to have taken her workshop but I had just moved here. Anybody leading a workshop near Toronto or in Alberta?
  12. Having done up store displays the trick is to color block,,,gives your display flow. Go for different heights as well. When I sell my mugs at craft shows I tie a spoon to the handles with a small raffia bow,,,, dip dishes have a small pate knife tied on,,,,salad bowls have wooden tongs added etc. I collect these utensils all year around. It's not a new idea but it works.
  13. , I emailed Dottie's Potts she only knew of a creative place near me,,,I believe it has a kiln and wheel. I'm going to check it out this week.i may have to go back to handbuilding if no wheel available. Thanks for helping guys!
  14. I recently moved to Barrie, Ont. Canada,,,,,I came from out west where I belonged to an amazing guild. I'm looking for a place to keep potting. I'm renting so I can't have my own kiln or wheel. Does anyone know of a anyone that could help me out? I've tried googling but no luck...
  15. Thanks for the picture S. Dean! Will put that on my list
  16. I'm trying to find a picture of one on their site? Can't find it. What do they look like
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