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  1. You may want to take a look at Lakside Pottery's Ceramic repair and restoration lessons and tutorials listed in the page below. The information is with lots of illustrations and a video covering several aspects of repairing and restoring ceramic, china, porcelain and pottery: http://lakesidepotte...-tutorials.html Kindly, Patty and Morty
  2. You may want to take a look at Lakside Pottery's Ceramic repair and restoration lessons and tutorials listed in the page below. The information is with lots of illustrations and a video covering several aspects of repairing and restoring ceramic, china, porcelain and pottery: http://lakesidepotte...-tutorials.html Kindly, Patty and Morty
  3. These two tips pages from Lakeside Pottery might answer your questions: Making Large Slab Constraction - Step-by-step: http://lakesidepottery.com/Pages/Pottery-tips/How-to-make-large-slab-form.htm Making Ceramic Flat forms: http://lakesidepottery.com/HTML%20Text/Tips/Making%20Ceramic%20Tiles.htm Kindly, Patty and Morty
  4. Patty Storms and Morty Bachar, Lakeside Pottery, Stamford CT, are looking forward to attend this event. The link below is to share some of the hand building projects we teach at our faclity and we are looking forward to learn from all to enrich our ability to pass on the gained knowledge of this conference to our students and studio users. Hand building projects
  5. Hi, We have created a couple of tutorials on how to troubleshoot kiln problems. See links below and hope it is useful. http://lakesidepottery.com/Pages/Pottery-tips/computerized-electric-kiln-troubleshooting-reference-guide.htm http://lakesidepottery.com/HTML%20Text/Tips/Firing.htm Kindly, Patty and Morty
  6. Hi, We love to work with surface texture and put together this tutorial in the link below for wheel thrown tricks covering,chattering, slip, rope, gears and other unique ideas. http://lakesidepotte...ture-tricks.htm Good luck and let us know how it workout for you. Patty and Morty
  7. Hi and welcom to the pottery world. See collection of pottery tips, tricks, lessons and tutorials (including videos) in the link below. http://lakesidepotte...Pages/Tips.html This collection includes: HOW TO: Wheel Throwing Tips and Tricks HOW TO: Hand Building Projects HOW TO: Improve Your Studio FIRING: How to, Solve Problems GLAZING: Recipes, How to, Solve Problems CHILDREN / KIDS PROJECTS POTTERY VIDEOS HOW TO: Repair Broken Ceramic and Pottery Kindly, Patty and Morty
  8. Hi and sorry for not replying timelly for your schedule needs but here are some links to restoring broken pottery / ceramics. How to Fix and Mend Broken Pottery - Lesson 1 How to Repair Broken Pottery with Missing Pieces - Lesson 2 Good luck, Patty and Morty
  9. Hi Gary, See some tips for preventing cracking in the links below. Good luck and let us know how it worked out. Clay Drying and Firing Process What is Magic Water, Magic Mud / Paper Clay and Recipe / Instructions For several other tutorials and videos, vist our tips page at: http://lakesidepotte...Pages/Tips.html Patty and Morty
  10. Can matt glazes be used for food ware? We have received several questions regarding the use of matt glazes for functional ware and have found that the answer is not that straight forward. The following is our recommendation: What is Matt Glaze? One or all of the symptoms below may occur with matt glazes. What is acceptable to you is an individual decision. Testing to discover which of the three will be presented in your matt glaze is advisable. 1) Food Staining (e.g., coffee, tomato sauce or other acidic foods) 2) Food particles might not wash off thoroughly because of the porous/ unsmooth surface and can result in bacteria growth 3) Matt glazes may be more likely to leach hazardous glaze materials into the food while a glossy surface acts as a tight seal Testing items 1 and 2 above is not difficult and will determine if your matt glaze stains or holds food particles. The difficult issue is item number 3 (hazardous materials leaching into food). We have done our own research and spoken with Jeff Zamek who wrote the book, Safety in the Ceramics Studio, and have concluded that for legal reasons, not actual problems with the glaze, it is best to not claim matt glazes to be food safe. There have been no reported cases of people eating or drinking from matt glazes having a poisoning problem. It’s just not an issue on that level with over 60 years of matt glaze being used by potters. Also, Zamek’s research found that the National Health records did not indicate health issues from matt glazes. However, especially in the past few years, people have become very litigious and even if the potter can prove no cause-and-effect, it takes time and money to defend. Given the above, we, at Lakeside Pottery, have decided it is better to be on the conservative side. We instruct our students and studio users to not use matt glazes for food ware. We do show our students that with some shapes, pitchers for example, a glossy glaze can be applied to the inside while the outside can be matt. Note: We have found that some glazes are impacted by acidic foods (e.g., lemon, vinegar) where the glaze color changes. One of our glazes that change color with acidic foods is Water Color Green Conclusion: Don’t take anybody’s word on the safety of a particular recipe. Even if it was safe at one point, small change in materials, firing, and clay could result in an unstable glaze. It can be harder to recognize an unstable matte glaze because a heavily leaching surface will not evidence itself with loss of gloss as it would in a glossy glaze. The only way to be sure is to have them lab tested. See our matt glazes recipes
  11. Lakeside Pottery is a ceramic art and craft educational resource focusing on clay art. We offer a one-time experience potter’s wheel workshop, weekend and during the week, for the beginner and for those who have taken beginning pottery classes in the past and would like a refresher lesson. This workshop will introduce the basic skills of working with clay on the potter's wheel and will provide you with the understanding of what it takes to use the potter's wheel. No previous experience required. Step by step pottery tutorial, More beginners pottery class pictures Workshop include a demonstration and hands-on clay experience. Tools will be provided - participants need to bring their own towel. Your pots will be glazed by our staff with your glaze choice and will be fired (high fire functional stoneware). Class in session video Who: 15 year and older. Limit: 9 students per session Schedule and cost, visit workshop posing on our website.
  12. Lakeside Pottery, Ceramic School & Studio 543 Newfield Avenue Stamford, CT 06905 203-323-2222 www.lakesidepottery.com

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