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  1. Hi Wendy,

    thanks for adding me in your friend list. I'm really happy to take part to this nice community

  2. Hi Teresa, thans a lot. I will try. To be sure, by white spirit do you mean the one which is used for preparing alcoholic drinks at 95 degree? For Shirley: I have tried with shellac but it didn't work well. Not very resisting. Alessia
  3. Hi Marcia, thanks a lot. I looked at ceradel. They have something called "wax resist" however in the catalog they say it is paraffin based. I'm not sure it is fine. I will try to understand better. I have also found latex and peel off mask but I'm not sure they work fine for this kind of decoration. Which kind of acrylic medium have you used for your work? I may try to look for them. Thanks again Alessia
  4. Thanks. I should understand if these sellers ship also in Italy and... if shipping costs are not crazy I don't think it is easy to find similar items in Italy. Colorobbia (I guess Marcia is referring to them, Della Robbia is a famous italian artist) has nothing similar to liquid wax resist. I tried looking for liquid wax resist several time but without any success up to now. This is the reason why I'm wondering if paraffin or some other easy-to-find product can be used.
  5. Hi, I would like to follow Linda Arbuckle's video for majolica decoration. If I'm not wrong, after decorating with GCDs she use some wax resist before giving the background color. Should anyone give me some hints about which kind of wax resist I should use? I would appreciate any easy-to-find suggestion since I'm not sure to be able to find USA commercial products in Italy. Is a hot wax resist with paraffin fine? Thanks for any suggestions. Alessia
  6. Thanks Marcia I will try again making more attention to the thickness of the glaze. Maybe I will start with more low level decoration, so I will not so desperate at the end ; Ale I agree that it looks thick. Majolica doesn't usual move much. Just keep practicing with you airbrush. Try to gauge the thickness of the sprayed with a pin tool and keep track of what thickness work. It goes on fluffier than pouring so allow for that. Marcia
  7. I also think the majolica was moving. I'm not sure about the thickness, since it was the first time I used the airbrush for the base and I had no feeling about how much I should spray. I had the suspect the base was too thick but was not sure and I went on with the decoration. Anyway is useful to learn! Ale
  8. Hi, I just decorated the plate which I bought bisquefired. I used a majolica glaze for the bottom (it is an italian one called "SLA274" colorobbia unleaded glaze), which I already used several time. I used the airbrush for this white bottom, after few days I made the design using the technique called "spolvero" and then I decorated it using brushes. The colors I have used are called in Italy CSM which are colors used for decorating the majolica. I used them several times without any problem. The only new step I used was to airbrush the white glaze instead of pouring it, as usual. Of course, was a bad idea! Thanks for the comments Ale
  9. Hi, the kiln was opened two days after the firing and it was at 23 C so I don't think it is a problem related to the temperature. I'm pretty sure it is due to the airbrush but what I don't know if the glaze was to thick, or just irregular or ... For scratches I mean the white dots you see especially on the blue, they look like rips in the color. Thx again. Sorry from your pics I do not see any scratches. Are you sure they are not cooling cracks(craziing) from opening too soon? I do notice the pebbly effect especially in the blue, this could be from uneven glaze build up from a poorly adjusted air brush.
  10. I try again to attach the photos... Maybe I made something wrong. Hope it works now. Thanks Ale
  11. Hi, I just took out from my kiln my long worked plate and I had a very bad surprise . As you can see fro the attached photos (before and post firing) all the colors seems de-focussed and it is full of white scratches. I used a glaze for majolica, as usual. The only change I made was to spray the dish with the white glaze instead of pouring it. Surely the problem is related with the use of the air-gun but I have no idea why. Any hint or suggestion? Thanks. Alessia
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