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  1. Random thought, what would happen, if a Raku piece were put in a container of cooking oil as a means of reduction?...

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    2. Benzine


      I did a firing last night, and gave it a shot, with some pre-testing and precautions. It was SPECTACULAR-ly disappointing... The oil barely burned. Definitely no explosions and sizzled like bacon hitting a hot skillet. No real splatter to speak of. I've had worse from throwing frozen veggies into a skillet.

    3. GiselleNo5


      LOL Well that's good to know!!


    4. Benzine


      Yeah, not dangerous, but also not worth the time. I thought the oil would burn, and give some nice carbon effects. It really didn't. And since the glaze went from the oxidation of the kiln, to an environment that provided neither oxygen or carbon, the glaze didn't really change. It doesn't look bad, just nothing amazing.

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