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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for you're replies and help, I dont know how to reply individually I guess I have a few tests to do ahead of me ! Just to be clear, the plan was to bisque the stoneware at the correct temp , then glaze fire with my glazes at the correct temperature which would be 1060. Unfortunately no there isn't a similar stoneware glaze available. Thanks Callie, I think I'll ask my supplier if they have an earthenware clay that would be suitable for food use then I can use my glazes.
  2. Hi there, I've been asked to make some plates which presumably will have to be a stoneware clay and fired high in order to be food safe. However the glaze they want is a eathenware glaze usually fired at 1060. Q. Is this possible to combine stoneware bisque with eathenware glaze? Thanks, Julia
  3. Thanks to all for their advice and tips, Ive no excuses now, Im off to throw a massive platter
  4. Im using wooden bats, hand made I actually think Im making the base a bit thin. I do trim with a wooden knife but havent tried the needle tool trick. I wire offf after throwing and then again after it is leather hard. the problem is the wire is cutting into the clay when I pull it through, cant seem to cut flat against the bat. There is lots of great advice here so Im going to try and source a different bat and try some of the other tips. Thanks, Julia
  5. Thanks for all your help, and the tip for wet shoes! Im going to take on board all the info here, i wont be defeated !
  6. Hi, Im using wooden bats. No problem with everything else just large platters. i cut after throwing then let them go leather hard, the problem with the wire is its not staying flat against the bat and is cutting into the clay. Im going to try and source some items mentioned in this forum. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for that Im going to try and source some of these items and give this a go.
  8. Thanks, do you know where supplies these batts, cant find them here in Ireland.
  9. Thanks, sorry didnt mention it is on a bat. Just havent been able to get them off cleanly. thanks Julia
  10. Hi there, Im looking for tips to remove a large platter from the wheel its going to be about 40 cm. Any previous ones ive removed with the wire , not great! all suggestions appreciated. julia
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  12. Hi, Im in County Kerry Ireland and although studied Art in Belfast I kind of taught myself ceramics. Lots to learn but loving it!

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