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  1. I think mine is a 6320xl, which is maybe the same but bigger? I bought mine very used, but it came with all the manuals. Can you post a pic of your controller so I know if it's the same?
  2. As a new potter, I bought a used kiln (I'm sure I posted a million questions on these forums about it) brought it home, and plugged it into my 220 in the garage. Fired two loads of bisque, no problem. Then fired a glaze load. Went out to check it and I could smell something burning before I even opened the door. The whole electrical panel had blown! It was black and melted. Sooooo glad my garage is NOT attached to my house. My husband called an electrician who came out and re-wired and replaced the box. I have been using the kiln for two years now with no problems. Whew. A
  3. I am currently setting up my studio in my non-attached garage. It's a good space, with work benches, cabinets, heat, and shelving, etc... The big drawback is that there is no water supply. I am looking for creative solutions that don't involve trenching my yard and hooking up to my well. Thanks in advance for your replies!
  4. Since someone else resurrected this thread, I will update. I have since fired another bisque and two glaze. It's exciting and disappointing to see the successes and failures, but I learn something each time. I have actually sold a couple of pieces; spoon rests, sponge holders, yarn bowls... nothing too brilliant, but still encouraging! On the downside, I have been working a LOT, and have not had any time at all in my studio lately. I gotta fix that.
  5. Couple of things: First, I wouldn't lump all potters in with any other group, and I wouldn't lump all potters in the SAME group. Everyone is different, and I wouldn't put anything past anybody. We have had numerous artists trespass and steal from our farm in the name of their art. I don't think any of us could say with 100% certainty that no potter would ever steal horse hair. That's just not realistic. That being said, I agree that even if there are some potters stealing horse hair, the numbers would be so small that it certainly wouldn't contribute measurably to this problem. Se
  6. Check craigslist for used kilns. I got a great deal on one there!
  7. OR... I could just make my husband roll out my slabs with that!
  8. It shouldn't be too hard for me to find a used one then, since I live in Ann Arbor, home of the Hash Bash!
  9. I have been looking into purchasing a triple beam. In checking the reviews on Amazon, the scales in my price range are not given good reviews. Is there a big difference when purchasing a scale in the $80 to $150 range, as opposed to those in the $200 + range? I will probably not ever mix more than 1000 gram batches.
  10. Good idea! Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I love reading about all the different ideas and experiences!
  11. Yes, I'm thinking that's what mine is going to look like when it's finished.
  12. Has anyone here ever made their own slab roller? Or seen plans for one? My husband is super-handy, and we have every tool imaginable, so he insists he can make one if I find a plan for it.
  13. Eavestroughs are on your house, gutters are in the street. Just depends who you ask around here.
  14. Sawing; One thing that you can do which Lucille did not mention-great advice by the way, but you can turn your shelves over for each firing. This prevents warping. I don't do this myself, as I am the only one firing my kilns. TJR: Thanks, TJR. In the studio at school, they only used one side of the shelves so I assumed that was how it was done. Since I am the only one firing in my home studio, should I stick to the one side?
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