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  1. Probably more than you'd ever need to know here: http://www.blog.beadsofclay.org/
  2. Here's an example of a cone 06 firing in my Paragon Firefly. Nothing fancy here. These are 17 gauge wires, with 10 gauge wires across the middle for support. (17 gauge works ok in a cone 06 firing, but if you're doing a cone 6 get 14 gauge wires). Just be sure to clean the glaze out of the holes on your pieces. I leave about a quarter of an inch between beads on the wires, and about a half inch between pendants (just in case there is some sag from the wires they won't twist together and marry each other). Loaded Kiln
  3. If you go to the Beads of Clay blog (http://www.blog.beadsofclay.org/search?q=bead+tree) you can see plenty of examples of loaded kilns with beads, buttons, and pendants, many glazed front and back. Just make sure that the high temp wire that you use for hanging the beads is 17-14 gauge, so that it can withstand the sagging (I used to use 17 but have moved to 14, as it can withstand a cone 6 firing better). Hope this helps.
  4. I think I used the Coup porcelain on that piece.
  5. You can get round plastic feed tubs at Tractor Supply, or at any store that sells livestock supplies. Dot
  6. I love the Surface Decoration DVD that Kristen Kieffer released a couple of years ago. Sandra Pierantozzi's "What If..." DVD is also a winner.
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