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    music, anything french, my daughters, cats, potting, life. not necessarily in that order.
  1. catpaws

    today 003.JPG

    I really must find somewhere else to photograph my pots
  2. catpaws


    surprising how one subtle decorative mark can set the whole piece off nicely.
  3. Thanks very much for this info. I shall be far more careful in future.
  4. really like this piece. Was it raku fired? if so how did you get the design on the inside? oxides?
  5. are you sure the clay is dry enough to release? If there are no undercuts then leave it longer before trying to get it off. You could try laying strips of damp newspaper on the mould before putting the clay on it, the paper certainly won't stick to the bisque and you'll be able to release the clay easily.
  6. Frederik I'm with you on this one. If no one ever comments how the hell do we develop?
  7. to me a good pot is one that cries out to be picked up and handled. I have seen some work that iv'e thought "oh my god, that's fantastic" and has been priced, in my opinion, far too cheaply and because of that, some have dismissed it as not worthy of even looking at. On the other hand, I've seen some truly awful rubbish that has cost a fortune because the potter has a "name". I love eavesdropping at shows to artists spouting pretentious twaddle to gullible members of the public and never ceased to be amazed by what people actually buy because they've been taken in by the sales pitch. "I never
  8. ohhh that's me told off then. All so often I will see a piece that I really do not care for, but looking at things from another perspective I ask myself "What can I learn from this?" Usually there is something to be learned from looking at almost everything out there, whether it is texture, feeling for line, composition, color, or a basketful of other ideas. Then again too some times, not often I come away learning one thing, I don't like it. However, I have tried. yes I agree. However I think sometimes it's a gut reaction that doesn't need over analysing, one either likes it or
  9. yeh, you could be right there! Maybe this is a stupid question here, or maybe insulting to some, but are you certain the work was bone dry before firing? At the same time was this during or after a rainy day where the atmospheric moisture was up? It does happen to effect the way a load fires. no it was absolutely bone dry, I'm always really really careful about that.
  10. No I haven't used any other metals. I only used copper by accident as my husband was wiring something or other and I saw a piece and just wondered what would happen if I stuck it on a pot!! just find a few bits and do test pieces is my advice. Be aware though that it does run a lot!! Also it can eat into the clay body if its a particularly thick bit of wire but on the other hand a thick piece wont completely melt and i've made pieces where i've simply wrapped a piece of wire around a pot and finished it off with a twist and the wire twist remains (albeit blackened) but leaving a nice green "bl
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