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  1. F-Bird, Seems like you are getting better, what number pot is this on your quest for 100. One thing I noticed from the videos is how little they touch the clay with fingers. Seems excpt to move slabs about the use a tool for everything, gives a more crisp look. they have tools and ribs for each shape and profile. Maybe thats what comes after oh say 100 thousand pots and 500 years, eh? keep going
  2. I staring at a box of B-Mix 5 as we speak, Got a big ole 5 on it. Some of the clays go one or two cones higher, wondering maybe just over fired. You say 6 was all the way down? like a dead snake or just a flag at half mast ? Used lots, always perfect at 5 for me. Hope you figger it out asap big D
  3. Thats precious ...@ 94.55 usd for 5 pounds... Id be right out of business. Thanks for the concern ladies, good motives And good luck testing, High Bridge Potter Big D
  4. uh huh....I thought it was about " How do you do this" That case I find it Crafarty
  5. Maganese Dioxide and iron ox, are cheaper and can give nice dark tones, but fluuuxxxx the clay so what ever you are currently using... Test I use 6% Mang-ox in buff ^5 slip, and drop 4 cones to accomodate the lower melt/flux , make a nice dark dark brown That is a starting place perhaps
  6. yeah.... original poster missing in action Last Active: Jun 16 2012 09:37 PM.....So...
  7. Local hero and cool dude, Dave Cuzick love his work adding flowers and such to pots. these folks are very generous, and very sucessful
  8. Uh huh, you guys are seeing holes. Viscous glaze eh, interesting ...expound Another idea, spray or brush resist (wax, maybe shellac) over stencil, clear dip
  9. Okay Ill play. Thinking... start with a thin transparent type porcelain, green affix stencil, with sponge work away some clay to create an even thinner spot bisque, then a thin clear glaze
  10. I admire you adventurous nature. checked out the website, not much bout you... Clicked photos and got one ... Which is you?
  11. Slinger, check out ... Back to topic.... I use a lot of ppclay from laguna, lets see what were the questions... no at cone 5, seems almost but not quite There seems to be a bunch a paper in there so theres the little voids AX mentioned, at Cone 10 maybe,, nah Not great, like said lots o paper, does stamp fine just dont drag anything Beauty, really and single fire ,,,o yea no probs It is lighter in weight, if that is good, throws easy , but keeps hands out of the bucket never s crack, or stress crack Believe me when I say it doesn't join like homemade ppclay I dont know why. When I first stated using bmix paper I was lax in joining cuz well paper clay right,,, nope lots of feet fell off etc, so there is that and spensive comparatively not really stinky for 4 or 5 months, got something in there for that my favorite is bobs http://www.lagunaclay.com/clays/western/wc952.php
  12. Altered clay, thanks for commenting...good tip... big Dave needs a manicure
  13. Hang in there. It sure looks cool, youve got that going for you..LOL You are actually helping those of us that will try this in the future. Doesnt Simon use two Weed burners ? Keep trying, fiddling with it...everybody does woodworking, but only a chosen few make fire in the backyard
  14. Cool... Going to cone 6 ? love to see them...pics?
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