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    Wonderfully creative work! Fabulous! I love the finish on this piece.
  3. Terry, y'know how potters are always telling you to test, test, test? Well, as a sculptor, I have to say that the idea of making a sculpture for the purpose of testing whether a preheat is necessary sounds just a little bit painful. But I inadvertently ran just such a test. My work never blows up or blows out a section when I do my usual 8+ hours of preheat, but when my kiln broke, I took my work to a community pottery place for firing. I assumed that since all work fired there is handbuilt, and most of it is made by newbies, they would preheat the kiln. When I went back for my work, I fo
  4. Absolutely beautiful piece of functional art. Every aspect works -- the glaze, the graceful swirls with their softly rounded combing, the buildings with their "windows". Just gorgeous.
  5. From the album: Sculpture

    Nonfunctional (darnit!) Teapot
  6. From the album: Sculpture

    Skellig Michael is a World Heritage site about 10 miles off the western coast of Ireland. The rocky island was home to Catholic monks from around 600-1200 A.D. The island is famous for its beehive-shaped stone huts, with stone steps leading down to water's edge. The day that I visited, the wind was so high and the waters so rough that our boat could not land, hence the sculptured waves breaking against the island.
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