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Figure, 12 inches high (30cm)


I started recently and because I am interested in sculptural work this figure was an experiment

- I wanted to see how thick I can make a figure without it being hollow,

and without it cracking. (Thickest part was about an inch).

The legs sagged a bit because the figure had to lie flat while drying, but no cracks.

Any criticism/comments most welcome.

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love the form, cant say i like the glaze though, that is just me, blue is one color that to me can look a bit hard. Have you considered to model this kind figure on a hangman style string. If you have not seen them you set up a piece of wood i use a right angle with a foot and clamp it to the work table. Then use a string as the plum line that goes through your figure. This keeps the legs totally straight and makes putting in a base super easy. Thanks for sharing your work, Trina

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Thanks a lot Trina, I did not know about that, I will try it next time.


Bonnie-S 20 February 2012 - 11:00 PM

Have you tried paper clay? It is easy to make your own, or you can purchase it ready made. There is a DVD available for rent from SmartFlix or something like that. I have forgotten the name of the website. Or you can do a search for Paper Clay Videos in the Internet. It would be worth your while. The clay is fantastic for sculpture.

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Its the same size that I have on my figurs. It is a good form but I am agree with trina. I my self use mangan or iron on leatherhard clay and wipe off the redundant. I throw a cone form and let it get leatherhard- then i form and build futher on. The head I form for itselves and let it get leatherhard before I glue it on. Excuse my English- hope you can understand what I mean! Keep up the good work wink.gif Best regards from Berte

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