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Hairy Porthos Tail Progress SM2.jpg
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Credit Hyn Patty - Photograph & Sculpting

Hairy Porthos Tail Progress SM2.jpg

Once my first Porthos Percheron horse sold out in resin, I am now working on resculpting him into a hairy pasture version with a swishy tail to cast in a second edition.  While sculpting I have to keep in mind how I am going to reproduce this piece.  That means how would I make the mold parts, how would I cast him?  When I am done sculpting this tail I'll need to flood in small nooks and cracks.  The tail may actually need to be removed and molded separately and cast in two pieces in order to be reproduced in ceramics, be it earthenware, porcelain, or fine bone china.   Such pieces then can be slip stuck back on and cleaned up before bisque firing.  This tail is shown in progress being sculpted using epoxy and the horse body is resin.  I typically produce my limited editions in resin first, then ceramics.  My originals are sculpted in oil clay then waste cast in resin, cleaned up and remolded or cast for rubber masters for mold production depending on my end media.


Hyn Patty - Photograph & Sculpting


© 2023
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