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Firing Earthenware Glaze With Stoneware Greenware?

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clayshapes    9

I work in both earthenware and stoneware, and fire them separately. But am wondering... Since I bisque my stoneware to 05 and I fire my glazed earthenware to 05 as well (as recommended for the glaze I'm using at the moment), is there a reason why I can't fire them together. I read somewhere that glazed ware in the kiln changes the chemistry somehow and it's not a good idea to mix glazed with unglazed greenware. Any comments on that?

And as a secondary question -- any reason why I can't put stoneware and earthenware into the kiln together for a bisque fire -- since I bisque them at the same cone?

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Marcia Selsor    1,301

You should test and see. Some glazes will react to a dirty burnoff from a stoneware bisque in the same chamber. SOme may not react. You can only try it and see what happens in your particular case.


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