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Diagnosing Paragon Kiln Problem

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At a local community art center, we have an A-99B Paragon Kiln.
One of the kiln rings has been removed.
The kiln was originally operating on 4 wires (2 hot, ground, and neutral).
Somebody converted it to 3 wires so that it fits our 3 wire outlet.
The kiln originally operated with a kilnmaster.
The kiln is no longer hooked to the kilnmaster.
There are 4 elements. 
When the temp controls are turned to low and/or medium, none of the elements
heat up or glow.
When the temp controls are turned to high, only 2 elements glow.

One glowing and one non glowing element is connected to each switch.

I tested resistance on each element and get about 9 ohms.
I tested voltage on elements.  Two elements get about 120 volts.  Two
elements get 0 volts. 


The pottery teacher says that all of the parts are new.


any ideas?





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