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WO Pierce

Help! Pottery Wheels Need Repairs

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I have taken a job at a High School which has a variety of equipment that is showing signs of wear. I don't seem to have manuals for them. The pottery wheels are suffering from a variety of ailments;


1. A Skutt that stops occasionally when the pedal is not depressed. The switch has to be turned off and on, and then motor starts up again.


2. A Shimpo that has to turned on for about 5 minutes before it will spin, and then the wheel head spasms. It spins and stops, spins and stops.


Can you help with repair suggestions/point me to sites where I can learn? Thanks!!

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My suggestion is that you become very familiar with your local clay supplier.  Make sure you get al your materials from that one place and they should help you make sure you are not making any big mistakes with material handling and mixing.  It has been my experience that schools get treated very well from the clay suppliers and I am sure they can help you with your wheels.  Then in the near future when something else goes wrong they will be there to help again....Nice cycle.  Believe me there will be other things that go wrong.   

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