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Estimating How Much Stoneware Slip To Buy/make

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Who are you

Where u from.........


Have u slip cased before

How many molds

HAve you prototyped


Ever do a production run in past


Test test test, do everything consistently

Make one Measure and weigh along the way multiply by the Murphy factor (Prolly +3gal). Then keep fingers crossed

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Hi All,


I'm trying to estimate how much slip I need to buy or make in order to create 120 pieces of a 64 oz. vessel from slip-casting. I would like to hopefully cast them 3/8" thick.


Thanks for all your help!



Welcome Russell


Your question is very hard to answer since it is rather vague.

Are you talking about 120 pieces that make one 64 oz vessel or are you talking about 120 of the 64 oz. vessels? What kind of clay? How much does it shrink?

Have you ever done casting before? If not you will need a lot of extra slip for learning mistakes. Even if you have done mold work before you will need to make a margin of extras for other making and firing calamities.

Sooooo ... More info on you and your project would be beneficial.

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