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Commercial Raku Glazes

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Wow,  has it taken me that long to get pictures in this topic?....I have lots of reasons it's taken me this long, no excuses though.


Here is a link to my gallery, where I have the pictures of the tiles, just look under the Raku folder:




The top left is Amaco White Crackle.  Turned out pretty well, minus the dark spot.

Bottom Left is Amaco Clear Crackle over several underglazes.  This one really got a nice dark spot.  It worked much better, and stayed clear, on some of my student's projects.

Top Right is Amaco Lustrous Copper.  This one has always turned out well for me, when I actually reduce it correctly.  The one time I didn't, it turned a nice dark green.

Bottom Right is Amaco Caribbean Blue.  Great color, though even under reduction, I've had it not turn out exactly right.  You can also see it on a pot, in the same gallery.

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Thanks Benzine....

I am wondering did you raku the pots and test tiles in a raku kiln or did you use an electric kiln.  I only ask b/c I am under the impression that both kiln give different results.  Thanks again.

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Neil, I use quite a few of my low fire classroom glazes, for Raku firing. Some turn out drastically different with the reduction, some near identical to the standard oxidation.

You're right, I probably don't need to buy a Raku clear. Especially since even it doesn't crackle as much as I'd like. I've even tried to shock it with cold air and water. Still not much visible crazing.


AW, those tiles were taken through the Raku process. The only time they are in an electric kiln is for the bisque.

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