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Mixing It Up

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Both whip and paddle will incorporate air into clay. If your paper is prepared well, I'd suggest dough hook.

Be sure to turn off lower and scrape down the sides and bottom bowl a few times during


Good score, on mixer..sounds like it came from a butcher.did you get grinding attachment? Don't try grinding large pieces of paper through it will clog. Pulpy mash may be different story.

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I use a dough hook with my Hobart and it works well ... but that is because the machine came with a dough hook and I never looked further. I just mixed up 20 lbs of paper porcelain yesterday and it worked well.

A former student is using the flat paddle type beater on her Hobart ... she bought it on the Internet and likes it. It has rubber on the sides so it scrapes the sides as it mixes.

Tip for mixing ... start with the pulp and add clay until you get a thick slip ... then add the rest if the clay a few lbs at a time.

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