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Wanting Lime/tea Green Raku Glaze Recipe

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Wanting a lime/tea green raku glaze recipe that doesn't use copper carbonate. Our community studio's instructor had one we used but has since taken it out of the rotation due to proprietary reasons. I asked if her glaze recipe used copper carb and she said no. I have since tried using my own tests using clear raku glaze mixed with 1%, 3% and 5% colorants of copper carb and celadon mason stains respectively. The results are mixed - with the copper carb, depending on where the test piece was placed in the kiln, I got inconsistent green with patches of red - not bad but I want the "all green effect" on a regular basis that's not determined by placement in the kiln (closer or farther away from the burner). With the mason stain, the effects were either blotchy or too opaque - again not the effect I want.


Based on pieces I fired using her recipe, I am pretty sure she uses a clear glaze mixed with a green colorant source - what other sources of green colorants have others tried? Underglazes? Chromium Oxide? Thanks for those who've got the raku experience before I continue my testing. - Scott

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