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Gum Arabic?

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I bought some stoneware glazes, not realising they're for dipping/spraying and I need them for brushing. It says on the glaze label to add some gum arabic to make them brushable. Bought gum arabic but it comes in powdered form with no instructions and I've no idea how much water to add to it to make it up. Any ideas? Thanks x

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Instructions for mixing Gum Arabic or Tragacanth Solutions

(natural gum) Soak 25 grams of gum in 100 cubic centimeters of alcohol for 5 minutes. Make sure your container is dry and free from water before putting gum or alcohol in it. Stir for 5 minutes. Grains will lose some of the sharp edges. At this point, add water and stir vigorously. These natural gums should reach a consistency of custard or molasses. This will make approximately 1/3 gallon of solution. Note: since these are natural gums and will deteriorate quickly, add 8-10 drops of oil of cloves to prevent souring.


source: http://fortpottery.com/webpages/FAQ/MixingGlazes.html


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