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Oil drum gas kiln 2.0 and glazes

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The saga continues. I got 50 mm fiber blanked and "rebuilt" the kiln over the weekend. Now it has nice 10 cm walls and lid. Waiting for better weather to fire it second time. I have 11 kg of propane and additional ~1 kg leftover from the first firing (perfect for heating up the kiln with a small flame).

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So, I fixed this kiln by:

1) Adding additional 50mm to the wall (final is 100 mm or 10 cm)

2) Placed a broken kiln shelf on the floor to stop the posts (actually 2 think fire bricks) to sink in to the floor and reducing the size of the exit flue diameter.

3) made the burner ports little bit larger. Now those are about 8X8 cm squares.


Ques what, those improvements made a huge difference.

We arrived at cone 7 with no problems, then 8 and 9 too. Finally, cone 10 was starting to go so we stopped.

We spent less than 1/2 the gas we expected and the whole firing lasted about 4.5 h.

I am still waiting for the results because I do not want to open it too early. It has been cooling down for about 6 h and it still over 100 C in there (I stuck a meat thermometer through the wall to measure it) :)

I had my hand in there too but it only felt warm... like in sauna. (BTW, 100 C in sauna is considered "getting warm" around here)

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