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Michelle Kunze

Decoration Slip

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hansen    3

Cone 05 - 06 white? what is commonly used is lowfire white casting slip, available form whoever in your area makes greenware. Same is true for lowfire red, although casting in red is a bit less common. Some porcelain casting operations fire to cone 10, and once again, the casting slip is used for slip trail decoration for cone 10 porcelain. If it doesn't fit properly and does not adhere, it can be adjusted.

- h a n s e n -

(p.s. it is soda ash added to the water then the clay mixed in to consistency)



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Marcia Selsor    1,301

Hi Guys, I would like to know how to make decorating slip. Can you help please?



You can find many recipes to fit the stage of clay you are decorating i.e. green or bisque, as well as the temperature.

I have been using a recipe with mason stains usually applied to bisque but I apply thinly with an airbrush to dried, green porcelain.

I mix a base by weight of Frit 3110 and EP Kaolin. Then I add whatever color stain I want to the intensity I want it.

If I want a rich black I can use 10% 6600 Mason stain. If I cut it in half to 5% I get a gray tone.


You can use slip from your clay body, best used in greenware state. This is the most readily available in most cases. Some additives may be required..like a little...very little (drop or 2) sodium silicate. You can test colors.

Google , go to the library, check Clayart Archives, check digital fire. There are lots of sources in books and on the internet for recipes.

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Thank you very much for the help. I have made some wonderful colors by just using clay that i have thinned with of water and colored with stains.

It paints onto greenware wonderfully and once glazed with a clear glaze the color is gorgeous and even. Just make sure that you paint it on evenly.




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