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The World's Best Photos of potmaking

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This weblink claims "The World's Best Photos of potmaking". That might be arguable,

but there are beautiful photographs of beautiful people making their beautiful pots.

At the bottom of the web page there is also a link to page 2,3


I hope it inspires you in some way.




The one I like the most is a photo of a rural indian woman in bright orange traditional dress decorating a pot. It has the caption: "The end of the line", "...the potter's wife adds the final decorative lines to a clay water pot, made for everyday use in a small village in rural Rajasthan, India. They are the last generation of potters in the area. Both of their sons now want to work in Bangalore, in IT"

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"A village woman carries a pot to the market in Lira district, north of Uganda’s capital, Kampala"

Click on the pic to see the enlarged version. Its a beautifully captured moment, and her smile is better than the Mona Lisa.


Image credited as requested in copyright statement: Echwalu Photography




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