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slipresist recipe

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Could you explain what you are trying to do? I am not sure I understand what you mean by slip resist.






i want to use for raku, but i don't have slip resist. how can i get or make it???

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I think we're confused by your terminology. To me, 'slip' and 'resist' don't go together. However, I assume you're looking for the 'resist' part. I use two kinds of wax. Wax resist is a water-bourne wax product that can (mostly) be washed out of brushes (but you have to be quick and through). Paraffin wax is melted, and can be brushed, splattered or dipped.


Wax resist is available commercially from ceramic supply houses, but I don't really think you could make your own. Paraffin is readily available at a grocery store (in the U.S.), or just about any source of clear or white wax would probably work. I'm currently using up a stockpile of white candles that I inherited. It's not as nice as pure paraffin, but it was free.


If you're looking for slip, you can make your own, but I don't use much prepared slip yet, so I can't offer much advice.

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