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  1. Pres - SOOOOO not offended. I was getting a giggle about you finding it funny. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're not a very interesting person... Alice
  2. ---- And I gotta tell you, that's an 'e' that I add on a consistent basis! But THANKS for pointing it out! My spelling and typing both leave a lot to be desired! Alice
  3. My chamois all have a small fishing bobber attached with a short fishing line. I think I got that idea on here! But after finding one in my slurry bowel, I got serious about implementation. Alice
  4. Congrats - sounds like you got a good deal and a new adventure all in one!
  5. I bought my first kiln and started firing it last winter (octogon, gas, Olympic 1827). I had the same problem in reverse; I could bisque at the bottom and glaze at the top. I did a lot of archive searcing on clayart.com and eventually found Bill Schran, who teaches ceramic and has a great site: http://www.creativecreekartisans.com/creativecreek_upkiln.htm Check out his great information, and see if you can use any of the principles. His kiln is similar in size to yours, I think. I also exchanged a couple of e-mails with him and he was very kind and helpful. I changed burners, e
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