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Mark C.

Mold Release-a better way

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The right product will aid in this.

Its not pam spray or even murphys oil soap.Yes these can work but over time they can seal the plaster and make it less absorbent.

The right product is not oil at all but a water based product-after having a mold business over seeing many thousands of aroma therapy lamps in hundreds of  3 piece molds .Well you give up on the home remedy products. This stuff is sold by the gallon or smaller sizes

1 gallon will last your adult life.Unless you have a mols business.


The above product is for working plaster molds taken of rubber or clay masters as it does not seal the surfaces

We used this to make our working molds from the rubber master molds.All are master molds where made by a Master mold maker(this is an art in itself)Who was along time friend and is now not on this planet .

I learned from him the best product is called Polyurethane Parting Compound-Its made to separate rubbers(master mold rubber) from most surfaces including plaster.

Before I knew about this stuff (and again a gallon will last several lifetimes-keep from freezing) we used the below stuff which worked fine but not as fine as this stuff.

I cannot help you about sourcing it as I got mine from a mold maker 25 years ago-he passed away 10 years back but this stuff is around.


When you are making a master from plaster you need to seal it hard-what you need then is a hard smooth surface. We used oil based shelac products before learning about above product.

You can also use spray oil paints or brushing oil paints to seal the master as the master is only a  master and you want it hard and smooth. After that sets up use above pure lube as a release -but you first need to seal it.

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