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Hola!  desde Venezuela, estoy en la busqueda de un SWITCH para mi horno  MODEL  K_10 , de diez bloques, y ocho resistencias.  identico al que aparece en su pagina.   

Pero supongo que por ser tan antiguo, y elemental  por ello no aparecen los diagramas del tablero de switches, 

Mi correo beatricha66@yahoo.com ,  estaré muy  agradecida  de la informacion que me puedan brindar, ya que mi horno funciona excepto las dos primeras resistencias que son controladas por este switch.

Olga Beatriz chacon

Hello! from Venezuela, I am looking for a SWITCH for my MODEL K_10 oven, of ten blocks, and eight resistances. identical to the one that appears on your page.

But I suppose that because it is so old, and elementary, the diagrams of the switchboard do not appear,

My email beatricha66@yahoo.com, I will be very grateful for the information that you can give me, since my oven works except the first two resistors that are controlled by this switch.
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I'm wondering if the kiln is model K10, or if the Kiln Sitter, (the shutoff device) is model K10. If it says K10 on the sitter/shutoff device, that is only the model of the sitter/shutoff, not the odel of the kiln. There should be a serial plate somewhere on the kiln that says the brand and model number.

Either way, switches used on kilns are not made specifically for kilns. If you take off the switch, you should be able to find a part number on it that you can then search for online. Many of the old switches have been replaced by new models, but most sites that sell them will show both.

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