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Found 3 results

  1. Hola! desde Venezuela, estoy en la busqueda de un SWITCH para mi horno MODEL K_10 , de diez bloques, y ocho resistencias. identico al que aparece en su pagina. Pero supongo que por ser tan antiguo, y elemental por ello no aparecen los diagramas del tablero de switches, Mi correo beatricha66@yahoo.com , estaré muy agradecida de la informacion que me puedan brindar, ya que mi horno funciona excepto las dos primeras resistencias que son controladas por este switch. Olga Beatriz chacon Hello! from Venezuela, I am looking for a SWITCH for my MODEL K_10 oven, of ten blocks, and eight resistances. identical to the one that appears on your page. But I suppose that because it is so old, and elementary, the diagrams of the switchboard do not appear, My email beatricha66@yahoo.com, I will be very grateful for the information that you can give me, since my oven works except the first two resistors that are controlled by this switch.
  2. I just replaced the elements. I'm always trying to learn more through testing and investigation. The resistance on all elements was good, as you would expect for new elements. Tested all three 3position switches, normal. When I moved on to testing amperage, I had some interesting results that I can't account for. I wrote them down in the included attachment. I recorded the amperage of each of the elements, in low/med/high. I welcome some advice or information about my results.
  3. Took my kiln out of 17 year storage. Tried to fire to cone 04. Set timer to 10 hours and placed cone in kiln sitter and knob to " ceramics". It cut off at 10 hours but plate didn't drop on cone. I did have to replace the knob, as it was missing, yet it isn't quite the same as before and clicks for high fire, ceramics and overglaze are not where the wording is. I assumed the second click would be the " ceramics". What is your suggestions or knowledge on how to fix this issue with firing and/or should I buy the complete switch? Or would you think the switch is an issue? All coils are working. Or buy a news kiln? Could I turn it back on for more hours and see if it will reach the cone temp or start over? Thank you in advance. I I have a Duncan Teacher Plus
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