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Firing clay load to 06 cone with 4 elements not reaching temperature

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Will my fired pieces be okay, strength wise, if all of my elements aren't reaching full temp? (The kiln shuts off  and the 06 cone fires perfectly.) I want to run at least one more load before I rip out and replace the erroneous elements.

Thank you,






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Bisque firing to cone 06 instead of 04 will leave the pots slightly more porous, so if you're dipping to apply glaze, you won't need to dip as long. Other than that it shouldn't cause any problems unless you're using a dark stoneware where all the organic stuff isn't getting burned out completely by 06.

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Thank you Neilestrick

I meant to say 04! I’m so flustered. I already know my glaze loads don’t  turn out when the kiln doesn’t fire hot enough. Just making sure it doesn’t really matter for stoneware because I have a couple loads I would like to run. 

Thanks again

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