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Homemade foodsafe kiln?

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There definitely is.   I made my kiln and I eat/drink/cook with my stuff all the time.

What were you hoping to do?  That might help better understand how to answer that question.

Food safe is more a question of glaze content, durability, “fit” (does it craze or shiver?), and clay vitrification (though this is debatable).

There are exceptions to this, but for the most part any kiln that can mature a food safe glaze and body.  Just don’t go firing lead glazed pieces in it—that can complicate things.

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@debaura If a kiln has ever been used for firing pottery, it should not be used for heating/cooking food. There are contaminates in the bricks from the clay and glazes that would not be safe to eat. As for making food safe wares, that's an issue of clay and glaze formulation, not the kiln.

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