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Electric Kiln & Fire Sprinklers

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Hi Folks! I'm in the process of building out my first full home studio, and just got my electrical & kiln all scheduled for installation. Very excited to start firing some work :-)

I had one question regarding fire sprinklers. I'm getting a Skutt KS-1027 electric, and it's going indoors over my concrete slab foundation.

My ceilings are 10'6" tall, so the kiln lid will rest about 7' away from the ceiling.

There is a fire sprinkler in the ceiling, about 6' offset from where the kiln is going. It appears to have a red-type glass bulb activator, which I believe means it is LOW temperature rated (about 140*F).

Do any experienced kiln installers know if I should be worried about this fire sprinkler? I can always try to get the building to disable it, or up-rate it, but that's definitely going to cost some $$.

I'm attaching a terrible drawing that I made to illustrate. Definitely not to scale, and those are large sliding doors on the left of the 'floorplan'.

Thanks for any experiences you can share!

-- M


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4 minutes ago, mregecko said:

Just realized, this maybe should have gone in the Studio Operations forum... Apologies if I mis-categorized. :-)

I'm going to leave it here. This is a good equipment question.

It may not be an issue, but I can't guarantee it, and you don't want to find out the hard way. It will all depend on how much air you have moving in the space, and how big the space is. Fans moving fresh cool air into the space may be enough. You could have the sensor disabled, have the rating increased, or change it out to a smoke detection type (not heat). Whether or not you can do any of those will depend on the local codes and cost. What I would do it install a vent hood rather than a downdraft vent. The hood will vent fumes and heat, so it won't be a problem. I've installed may Vent-A-Kiln hoods over kilns, and they work great.

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That's a really good option to look into, Neil, thank you! I hadn't thought about that. I was certain someone on here would have some insight!

The area is very open, and I'm hoping that firing with the sliding glass doors open will help keep the inside temperature well regulated... I'm in California, so our weather is never really too terrible ;-)

I think I'll talk to the landpeople about changing or disabling the sprinkler, and if that's too costly or not an option, then I'll see about the vent-a-kiln hood.

Thanks again!

-- M

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According to my notes, red is rated to 325-375F.

You should be with your kiln during operation. If the sprinkler system is activated while you are away, the damage to the building could be costly. I've heard of schools in Texas that were flooded because of sprinkler heads that were activated by kilns.



Arnold Howard

Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA

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